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Posted by Hazel Brooks on

This is my favourite time of year! I thought it would be lovely to share some journalling ideas for you with Autumn as the theme.

  • Think about the 5 Senses: what Autumn evokes for you in the way of smells, tastes, things to see in nature, textures and sounds. It might be the smell of woodsmoke, the feel of a favourite blanket, the warmth of the hearth, the taste of homemade apple pie, the sound of migrating birds overhead. 
  • One morning get up early and sit outdoors. Watch the Autumn sunrise and listen to the awakening garden/world. Notice all the little things that maybe you had missed before. 
  • Try a Leaf hunt- stick or paint them into your journal or make rubbings to include in scrapbooks. Write Autumnal words around or inside the leaves. 
  • Autumn is a time for reflection and taking stock. Watercolour a page in your journal in autumnal shades and write on it things you are grateful for, happy memories or even things you now wish to change or achieve in the future. 
  • Choose a native woodland animal as a feature of a journal spread. Find out as much as you can about it's history, life cycle, folklore, and symbolism in art and myth.
Below are some stationery items from the website that might inspire you to get the full Autumnal feels!

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