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What are flat backs & cabochons?

Posted by Hazel Brooks on

Flat backs are also known as fb or fbs and also flatbacks and the larger plastic ones can be called planars. They are simply decorative items with a flat reverse side. They are often made from resin or acrylic/plastic but can be fabric based with metal underneath or even made from wood. If made from wood they will not have holes, unlike a button. They are used in a wealth of craft projects, making hair bows, card making, scrapbooking etc. 

Cabochons in the craft world are domed (convex) flatbacks with glass tops to them and flat bottom sides. They come in a range of designs but are usually round and are never faceted. Sometimes a gem can be also be cabochon-cut which means a smooth top to it with no facets. 

Sometimes we have planner charms on the website that are made using glass topped cabochons- see the bottom photo. 



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