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STATIONERY SCOOP- Amazing Value Bundles!

  • £5.00

Lucky Dip Stationery Bundles- amazing value for money!

£5 for 5 items, £8 for 8 items, £10 for 10 items and £15 for 15 items.

I will select balls at random for your lucky dip scoop. Some bundles will be videoed on my Instagram & Tiktok.

Categories included:

*flat stickers pack (large sheets, several in pack)

*sticker flakes pack or mini box

*pack of cute pens

*pack of highlighters

*individual pen

*push up kawaii eraser

*large ruler

*laptop stickers

*bookmarks original kawaii art

*bookmarks novelty

*multi ballpoint pen

*correction roller/tape

*propelling pencil/s


*lomo cards


*sticky memo

*index tabs

*washis slim/narrow

*washi standard

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