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Boys Happy Box A (Now inc Puzzle Book)

  • £9.99

An A5 box packed full of of fun goodies to cheer up a boy (either your own or as a gift). 

Your boys happiness box will contain all items in main photo PLUS the top item listed shown in photo 3:

superhero mini activity/puzzle book

sheet of superhero flat stickers

magic spy pen that writes in invisible ink and then when you shine the light at the top on the message it magically appears 

scented scratch-n-sniff sticker sheet (design may vary)

monkey face topper-pen that writes in black fine line ink

dinosaur make your own glider fun toy

4 glow in the dark dinosaurs and stars with adhesive pads supplied

sheet of dinosaur flat stickers

pop-on multi crayon colouring pencil (the type where you take a colour from the bottom and pop it into the top to change colours)

superhero mini notebook

superhero pencil with eraser

2 sea-themed (eg. crab, fish) rainbow scratch art hanging decorations with ribbon and scraper tool

fortune teller to fill in and make (the traditional paper, playground type)

ocean animal card bookmark (shark, whale or fish)

make your own puppy house mini sticky memo

& sheet of 6 dinosaur temporary tattoos. 

Please note the box will have the usual tissue paper wrapping but not the usual paper bags as using them limits how many things can fit inside. 

Not for children under 3.

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